The BCSP Foundation actively engages in dialogue and design to advance the profession of safety and the fundamental work performed by those individuals serving on the front lines of securing our global community by addressing environmental, health and safety concerns. Click an opportunity below to begin an application process.

The International Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations (INSHPO) is collaborating with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), the American Society of Safety Professionals, and the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) in funding research directed at measuring the impact and value of using safety professionals. This research is expected to be accomplished by research methods that will evaluate, in creative ways, the performance of companies with and without safety professionals. There will be a scientific merit review done by BCSP and they will rank the proposals and make a recommendation to INSHPO, BCRSP, and the BCSP Foundation Board as to which proposal will be selected. The three organizations will then select from the ranked and recommended proposals, and select the one with the best scientific merit that appears to yield the most impact.

Submission Topic:

Examine the value of using safety professionals, reviewing companies with and without safety professionals.

Area of Focus:

A 2007 UK study that attempted to measure the impact of quality safety interventions suggests that the results of this research would yield useful information for all three funding organizations. [The Impact of Expert Health and Safety Advice on Company Performance, IOSH, 2007] The funding organizations would like to expand the body of knowledge beyond the United Kingdom study and extend the research to a more global contribution to the literature. It is suggested that the proposal submitters use data or some other means that would represent performance from at least six countries or at least from multi-national corporations that operate in at least six countries.

Research Goal:

The primary goal of this research is to identify if the assignment of a safety professional to a company or organization results in improved safety performance. While most, in their explanation of good safety performance, include some discussion of fewer injuries and incidents, this RFP does not restrict the research as to what constitutes an improved or acceptable level of safety. This should be defined by the researcher.


1. At least one scientific journal article.

2. Report at end of the project including the questions studied, the experimental and analytical methodologies used, the results and any interpretations made or conclusions reached as well as any recommendations deemed appropriate and relevant. Reporting will be distributed electronically through all four funding organizations.
Total Funding: 

$85,000 for research

Funding parameter: Funding is only given for research and will not cover any fringe or overhead fees.


It is expected that this study would be completed in one year. Three months are allowed after the completion of the study to analyze data and develop deliverables.

Submitted Materials:

Technical and cost proposals (or any other material) submitted in response to this announcement will not be returned. It is the policy of INSHPO, BCSP, BCRSP, and ASSP to treat all proposals as sensitive competitive information and to disclose their contents only for the purposes of evaluation.

Submission Criteria:
Your electronic submission of this proposal should be no longer than 15 pages and should include detailed technical and cost/budget information as outlined herein to support the scope of the proposed effort. The contents should include:

1. Cover page showing Title of the Proposal, Researchers’ organization, Researcher’s name (if more than one, list the whole team and date of the submission – no more than one page

2.  Scope of Work – no more than one page

3. Previous Studies or literature review – no more than two pages

4. Technical details of the research, including experimental and analytical methodologies – no more than 8 pages

5. Research team bio-sketches – no more than 2 pages (if a large team of more than three researchers, an additional page will be accepted)

6. Budget with Justification and Resource Requirements– no more than 1 page


1. Margins - 2.5 cm or about 1” all four

2. Spacing – 1.15 spacing

3. Font - Times New Roman, 12 point

4. Electronic file submission

5. Files must be submitted in MS Word format

Submission Deadline:

May 23, 2022

Announcement Date:

June 23, 2022

Inquiries and Additional Information: Information and specific questions of technical business nature will only be accepted via email sent to Joel M. Haight at the University of Pittsburgh and INSHPO - Please include your name and email address in the message.

 Investing in Safety Practitioners through Workforce Development 

We believe that advancement in the field of safety requires the strategic and consistent investment of resources. This includes the support for existing professionals dedicated to enhancing and executing strategies that define a safe workplace and community. The BCSP Foundation, pursuant to this established value, together with an active donor community, has designated funds for the express purpose of providing financial assistance to qualified safety professionals seeking pathways for advancement within the field.

Potential grantees are invited to explore the funding opportunities related to professional development defined as the Certified Safety Practitioners Fund. They are encouraged to review the criteria for each of the funds and upon determination of applicability, engage in the grant application process.  We look forward to working with all potential grantees to provide detailed information in support of the professional development goals.

Upon review of the funding opportunities defined under the Certified Safety Practitioners Fund, potential applicants are welcome to contact the Foundation Program Coordinator for additional information and resource support.

Applications must be submitted with all supporting documentation in order to be considered in this round of funding. All complete applications will enter an initial review process by BCSP Foundation staff. Should questions arise or further documentation be necessary, candidates will need to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.
Please keep in mind that in order to apply for this scholarship, the below criteria must be met.

Submission Criteria:

  1. Interest in continued professional advancement in the area of safety
  2. Significant job-related responsibilities in safety
  3. Necessary years of safety-related job responsibilities as defined by credential or program requirements.
  4. Letter of Reference supporting application
  5. Resume Curriculum Vitae for upload
  6. Transcripts where requested on the application
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