Welcome Volunteers! 

Thank you for choosing BCSP and the BCSP Foundation as your pathway for volunteering. To ensure that your time and effort are used most effectively, we ask that all volunteers fill out the Volunteer Form application. The information entered into the form will only be used by the appropriate BCSP/BCSP Foundation staff.  A BCSP/BCSP Foundation staff member will contact you via phone or email, depending on your selected preference, with additional details and specifics regarding your volunteer activity. Please see additional details below;

  • At this time, all volunteers participating in an in-person event must be vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination
  • Each volunteer will receive the appropriate training and/or orientation prior to the volunteer event date
  • The volunteer session time may vary depending on the required tasks, please plan accordingly
  • Some of the volunteer activities may consist of time out-doors and a requirement of flexibility in volunteer roles. 
  • Transportation to and from the volunteer event is the volunteer's responsibility. Please contact a BCSP/BCSP staff member with any issues regarding transportation.
  • We ask that all volunteers act according to the BCSP Code of Ethics and hold themselves accountable during the duration of the volunteer activity. Please select the link below to review.  https://www.bcsp.org/Portals/0/Assets/DocumentLibrary/BCSPcodeofethics.pdf 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.